balance in the workplace

Over the years, yoga has carved out a place for itself in the workplace. This is a welcome trend given the many ways in which the practise of yoga helps promote health at work, notably by :

  • relieving physical pain related to static work positions;
  • reducing stress and mental agitation, while increasing powers of concentration;
  • giving all employees access to a beneficial physical activity right on the work premises;
  • creating a more relaxed and pleasant work environment.

Yoga for all levels
Any excuse is a good excuse to do yoga. That’s why YogaSoleil offers a variety of approaches designed to meet the needs of your company’s members, whether they’re beginners or advanced, whether they want to get in shape, relax, or recharge their batteries.

Take a deep breath
Like any other physical or spiritual activity, yoga does not produce immediate results.  It takes time and commitment before you begin to feel its benefits.

Thanks to her caring approach and sense of humour, Soleil knows how to put participants at ease and help them focus on their practice while forgetting about the pressure to perform.  Moreover, the different approaches offered by YogaSoleil do not involve violent efforts and respect the limits of each individual.

Corporate classes
Rates are based on the number of participants and the length of the class (30 to 60 minutes). Classes are offered in the morning, at noon or at the end of the day.

Hatha Yoga : The traditional approach, using postures, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. Helps calm mental agitation, increase flexibility and vitality and stimulate creativity and concentration. The yoga of harmony.

Power Yoga : A dynamic Hatha yoga class featuring a flowing series of poses performed in synergy with breathing. A combination of a cardiovascular workout and deep stretching. For people looking for a vigorous union of the body and the mind. The dynamic yoga.

Pilates Yoga : Combines yoga and the Pilates method, which incorporates exercises that tone the core muscles and stretch the entire body. Helps improve flexibility, muscular strength and concentration while achieving a more toned silhouette. Tonic yoga.

Yoga Stretching : An approach using gentle and progressive stretches. Promotes greater flexibility and toning, helps correct poor posture and release muscular tension and stress. Yoga that is adaptable for all levels.

Gentle Yoga : Postures supported by props (cushions, blocks and belts) and held for longer periods. To eliminate tension from the body and achieve a state of relaxation and serenity. The yoga that restores.

Chair Yoga : Designed for companies where space is too limited for practice on mats, using simple exercises that can be performed in work attire. To relieve mental fatigue, release built-up tension, correct poor posture and promote a clear and efficient mind. Adapted yoga.

Outdoor Yoga : Hatha yoga sessions in an outdoor setting. To restore energy levels and take advantage of summer. Fair-weather yoga. (June to September)

Walking Circuit and Yoga : An active walking circuit with controlled breathing, stretching stations and yoga postures. To tone and strengthen postural muscles and improve flexibility. Joyful outdoor yoga. (June to September)Hatha yoga sessions in an outdoor setting. To restore energy levels and take advantage of summer. Fair-weather yoga. (June to September)

Special Activities : Workshops and thematic activities tailored for your conventions, Health and Wellness days, etc. Ex.: Wellness break, Chair Yoga, The Benefits of Relaxation, The Power of Meditation, Overcoming Stress through Relaxation.